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Arrow Dress Shirts

Arrow Dress Shirts

Our one-of-a-kind dress shirts are designed specifically with missionaries in mind! With an extended body, expandable collar and athletic fit, these shirts are bound to become your new favorite!


Today we’re taking a closer look at Arrow dress shirts. The fabric features a cotton-polyester blend, providing breathability and durability making them perfect for hot and cold missions because they don’t trap sweat.  This is the lightest weight we could get without the shirt becoming see through.

These shirts have an athletic cut, allowing more comfortable movement than a slim-cut without being as baggy as a classic look.  You’ll also notice a two-inch longer tail so it always stays tucked in while riding a bike or bending and sitting down.

Another great feature is the extendable collar which provides extra comfort and stretches.  Each button is made from bowling ball material and secured to the shirt with heavy duty poly-core thread. The white dress shirt is one of the trademarks of the missionary uniform. 

Keep yourself looking sharp and feeling comfortable with Arrow dress shirts.


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