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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the field: Moderation

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the field: Moderation



You are to be healthy on the mission because it is your responsibility to preach the gospel. Neglecting to take care of your body opens many doors to potential illnesses as well as catching a dangerous disease, thus preventing you from serving with a full heart, might, mind, and strength. However, you are not expected to be a health nut on your mission. You are allowed to treat yourself and enjoy your mission’s specialties. As a missionary in France it would have been wrong to deny myself the joys of a pain au chocolat or tarte aux pommes. Not to mention, you deserve to indulge every now and then. After all, serving a mission is hard! Just don’t make indulging a daily habit.


The same goes for exercise. Your morning exercise can make or break your day, but remember that you are not expected to be a bodybuilder. Exercise according to your ability. Push yourself, but don’t become obsessed with your fitness. Never let anything overshadow or distract you from your missionary purpose.


In conclusion, do everything in moderation. No one is expecting you to lose a large amount of weight, nor become an Olympic athlete. Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly will keep you healthy and able to do the Lord’s work.


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