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Mission spotlight: Elise Moulton - Naga Philippines Pt. 2

Mission spotlight: Elise Moulton - Naga Philippines Pt. 2

Day 2: Shoes & Bag
I was at the MTC in winter, and we were all freezing because our wardrobe was for the Philippines. We were stopped at the crosswalk on day on our way home from the temple and another sister not in our district turns to me and says, "So... are you going to the Philippines?" We asked how she knew, and she said the Crocs gave it away. I think every sister missionary in the Philippines wears Crocs. Every one. By far, the most popular style is the Kadee. I went through 3 pairs total, and I recommend bringing them with you as they are much cheaper in the states than the Philippines. I also wouldn't plan for options-- once you find a shoe you like, just stick with it. I certainly wasn't one of those sisters who would wear the white crocs one day with this outfit but blue crocs the next because it matched better..... I don't think I met anyone like that. Just stick with a black or grey croc your whole mission and roll with it. Also note that they run a lot small at first, so to stretch them out you can leave them out in the sun for a bit and then shape them to your feet. Just don't leave them out in the sun too long or you'll stretch them too much.
Also note that everyone wears flip flops indoors. You may or may not want a separate shower shoe if you don't like your shoe house being all wet for a while after you shower. For p-day I lived in my Teva's when I could. For working out, just light-weight joggers. 
Lumbar pack. We lightly teased the one girl who brought a lumbar pack to the MTC. That sister knew what was up all along. I bought a regular shoulder bag and for the first 6 months of my mission was so into my nice expensive shoulder bag despite every single member of my batch slowly converting to the lumbar pack to join the rest of the mission. And then I finally caved and got a lumbar pack and I really should have just come with that. This is the best one I can find on Amazon that I would use, but you may find one in the field at SM you like better. Keep it small-- you won't carry much. Water, umbrella, BoM, pamphlets, and PmG. Travel light. 


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