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Mission spotlight: Elise Moulton - Naga Philippines Pt. 1

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  • By Allison Hurd & Elise Moulton
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Mission spotlight: Elise Moulton - Naga Philippines Pt. 1

The Philippines


To kick off our new series I've invited one of my best friends Elise Moulton to share with us a little about her mission. She served in the Philippines Naga Mission from October 2013 to April 2015.


For this particular post I asked Elise to describe the weather as well as put together an outfit with pieces from our store that would work in the mission. She even listed the best accessories to bring, so take notes and enjoy!



Name of Mission: Naga Philippines
Weather conditions: Florida x2. Once it got to 82 degrees and I was freezing. 
Basic rules: hand-washable, light colors, easily to mix-and-match, as light and little fabric as possible. Even pleats in skirts add to the weight and just gets annoying when you hand wash it.
An outfit from missionary mall:
This is a good one because of it's light fabric. I would have gotten it in a color because my shirts tended to be more neutral, but that just depends on your own wardrobe. Careful about the pleats though-- you may not want all your skirts to be of this style just because that's going to be a pain to wash and is going to be a bit more heavy. I would also consider hemming it just a touch so it hits right under your knees. Any longer than that just adds weight and you risk getting the bottom muddy. 
Simple, easy to wash, light. The only concern is maybe the white wouldn't be great for you if you're a heavy sweater... I didn't have that problem much at all, but it is super hot and super humid and with that nobody cares at all, but if you also can't work super effectively if you're self conscious the whole time of stains. So... take that into consideration. Also know it's not going to stay the whitest it could be with hand washing... yes, you can separate your loads but a lot of times hand washing you just combine the two. 
Dress: Anna Dress
Light, not a lot of fabric. I didn't wear dresses out proselyting a ton, but I did love wearing something else to zone conferences and such. Basically you'll get sick of every single thing in your mission, but it's nice to have at least 1 thing that will make you feel sort of like you're dressing up.
1. Microfiber Towel. Condenses easy, dries fast.
2. Blister Bandages. You'll want these. 
3. Toothbrush Cover. You'll most likely store your toothbrush in the fridge, and you'll definitely want one of these. Filipinos don't really get how we don't cover our toothbrushes regularly to begin with. 
4. Umbrella.You'll buy a Fibrella once you get to the Philippines. Don't be talked into buying one of those ones with automatic push handle or anything-- mine broke fast. Just get the normal Fibrella that's around 800P. Careful not to leave it on the deck though for it to dry if there's a storm coming in... I had one fly away because I accidentally did that. 
Here you will see very light fabric light colors a lumbar pack and lovely ombre leg. Please forgive my skirt slightly riding up. What a scandal. 


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