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Mission spotlight: Trina Craven - Los Angeles Pt. 2

Mission spotlight: Trina Craven - Los Angeles Pt. 2

Shoes and Bags


Bring at least 5 pairs.


-Exercise shoes


-2 pairs of cute walking shoes


-1 Cute pair of dressy shoes for things like zone conference, church, and baptisms


-Slip on sandals or something for when you're at your house etc.


This kind of set-up would be good to last you awhile if you get like 2 quality walking shoes. Nicer quality shoes will save your back.



I would not take a large bag. Some people think they want a large bag that will like carry their PMG and QUAD but no. You don't want to carry something large and heavy. I just used a small iPad sized bag. The strap was leather so it lasted a while and it fit my iPad, BoM, and some pass along cards and it was all I really needed. Especially if you're serving in an iPad mission you really only need to carry that around.

Bags I would take:


Willow Crossbody

Ogio Brooklyn Tablet Purse


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