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Mission spotlight: Trina Craven - Los Angeles Pt. 3

Mission spotlight: Trina Craven - Los Angeles Pt. 3

What I Wish I Had Known
This list could go on forever
1. I wish I had known in some missions, (like mine) you're not just automatically teaching people. You'll spend a lot of time just trying to find people to teach. That was a shock for me haha.
2. I wish I had known how to REALLY LOVE  ALL people before I went out. I had to work harder at that than some because it was new to me to try to love everyone. 
3. I wish I had known how important Jesus Christ is. I wish I had had a solid testimony of that before going out. It is everything.
4. I wish I had known that my talent and ability was not really what mattered and that what mattered was relying on the Lord in all things.
5. I wish I had known that YOU NEED TO BE YOURSELF.  Everyone must follow the same rules but you need to keep your personality. You need to keep your normal voice, be your weird great self, that is still a dignified representative of Christ. Sometimes it's hard balance, and it took me awhile to realize that. You need to change. You need to better but you still need to be you because God needs you to be YOU. 
6. I wish I had known how much I would need to sacrifice. You think when you go out that need to sacrifice 18 months of your life, seeing your family, technology, but that's only half of it. You have to give up your will. Your pride. Worldliness....Its hard and you're never perfect but sacrifice always brings blessings.


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