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Mission spotlight: Trina Craven - Los Angeles Pt. 4

Mission spotlight: Trina Craven - Los Angeles Pt. 4

Favorite Mission Experience
My favorite mission experience was meeting Grant. Grant was super strange and different. When we first contacted him I felt like he didn't even care about what we were saying and we set up a return appointment mostly out of duty. And in actuality, he didn't care. He didn't believe in God and wasn't happy about life so the last thing he wanted to do was meet with us, I'm sure. For some reason though, he felt compelled to so he did. He read the Book of Mormon and knew it was true. He was baptized 3 weeks later and one the greatest experiences was when he bore his testimony at his baptism.
He talked about how when he met us he was super jaded and angry with the world but he talked about the gospel and the Book of Mormon and how he felt himself change as he learned more. And as he spoke I started to realize that I had seen his countenance change. The Grant who was speaking was really happy and nothing at all like the person we had contacted. He said that as he learned about the Savior he felt all the this sludge just leave his heart. I had no idea he had felt all of that. To me, it was a powerful testimony of the savior's ability to make us whole. I'll never forget it. 


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