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Robbins & Brooks 2-Pant Poly/Wool Blend Mission Suit

Robbins & Brooks 2-Pant Poly/Wool Blend Mission Suit

Designed especially for Missionaries, we've refined every aspect of this suit over the last 20 years with data from real missionaries in the field using our 2-year guarantee.


Let’s introduce you to our Robbins and Brooks two pant poly-wool blend suits!

We can guarantee the quality of these suits because we’ve refined every aspect of them over the last 20 years based on data we’ve received from real missionaries wearing them in the field.

This suit features reinforced stitching in the under arm and back seam as well as spandex extenders in the shoulders to allow extra mobility.

The jacket has a semi-canvas chest piece allowing the suit to drape comfortably over the shoulders.  Most suits have a bonded interfacing to give the suit shape, which looks good at first, but after repeated cleanings or rain storms the suit will start to bunch up and shed threads through the jacket.  Not with our suit!  The canvas chest piece will keep threads from poking through and molds to your body over time to create a better fit every time you wear it!

The pants feature an expandable rubber waistband and reinforced seat-liner so your suit can withstand the wear and tear of biking, walking and extended wear.  They also have double stitched seams to prevent tearing.

The Robbins and Brooks suit is a blend of comfort and durability. You can be sure the suit will hold up against the rigors of every day missionary work or we’ll replace it with the Two-Year Guarantee.


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