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The little black dress

The little black dress

For the ladies:


You've heard of it before, the little black dress. It's a wardrobe staple that every woman should have at least one of. Pretty sure I bought my eighth one today...Needless to say it's important and a necessary piece for your mission wardrobe. 


Why black though? First of all, black is slimming. It hides all those weird lines and bumps you want to hide that usually are seen in brighter colors. It's magic. It's also classy! It still blows my mind how a simple black dress can make you feel so elegant and powerful! They're versatile too, which is what you need on the mission. Get something light and simple that you could easily wear on just a normal work day and dress it up for church or a zone conference by adding a cardigan and cute necklace. There are SO many options! On top of that black will NEVER go out of style so you will always be able to find something you like.


Worried about it getting too hot? No worries, just check out our Anna dress! The material is SUPER light. Sweat has nothing on that one. Scared you might get cold? Try our Jadyn dress! The nice thick material will keep you insulated. Add a pair of our wool tights and you'll be set!


So whether it's a slim cut dress, a-line, or full skirt, it doesn't matter just get it. You'll thank me later.









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