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The Nude Shoe

The Nude Shoe

Ever put on a great outfit and then realize that you don't have any shoes to go with it?


It's the worst, right?


Shoes make or break an outfit, so if they don't go your outfit is ruined.


Sounds dramatic, but let's face it, it's true!


Let me introduce you to the nude shoe.


It goes with EVERYTHING. Really.


So why is it the greatest?


Webster's dictionary defines nude as:


-having a color (such as pale beige or tan) that matches the wearer's skin tones


-giving the appearance of nudity


How does it work then?


Because nude shoes match your skin tone, they give the illusion that you're barefoot. I know this sounds a little weird but hear me out.


Anything other than a nude colored shoe (especially dark colored ones like black and brown) will cut off any lengthening line your legs and feet might have, making you look shorter and stumpier than you really are.


Who wants stumpy legs? Not me.


Now don't think that I'm trying to deter you from ever wearing any shoes that aren't nude. I love my black pumps more than anyone. However, come spring and summer when the weather is warm and you're looking for something that looks light and versatile, a nude shoe is the way to go. 


Moving on...


Unlike those dark shoes, nudes will only lengthen that line you have, making your legs look longer, thinner, and your feet more dainty.


Nude shoes will also make the outfit look lighter too. When you wear dark shoes, you attract the eye to your feet, adding weight to the whole ensemble. Nudes keep your feet clean and simple and let the eye rest on the actual outfit.


Have I convinced you yet?


As I said before, nudes are SO versatile! They are neutrals so they complement any outfit you might be wearing. 


Got a simple blouse and jeans? Nude flats. Summer dress? Nude sandal. Lavender bridesmaid dress? Nude heels. 


Not to mention, you'll be saving a lot of money as you'll only have to buy ONE pair of shoes to go with every spring/summer outfit you have rather than one of every color of the rainbow.


I could go on and on about how great nude shoes are, but I'll let you figure it out yourselves. 


So do yourself a favor and buy a pair of nude flats. Your life will change. Seriously.







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