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R&B Classic Dress Pants

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Robbins & Brooks

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    • NOT COVERED UNDER THE 2-YEAR GUARANTEE!! Teflon coating on the fabric so the pants only have to be washed about half as much as non-teflon coated pants. This saves you a lot of time on your P-day!
    • We also include a totally hidden expandable waist-- each side expands and contracts up to 2", so you could gain 4" around your waist and never have to send the pants in for alterations. This saves a lot of time and money, plus big meals are no problem!
    • Reinforced pockets and stitching. We hate replacing pants that have had a seam give out, so we do extra bar tack stitching on pockets, and then double stitch the pockets and other areas where we have seen pants fail.
    • Reinforced crotch for heavy walking and bike riding.
    • Single pleat so the pants aren't too baggy, but they also have enough room for thigh growth (your thighs will get bigger with biking, walking, and delicious lunches from loving members).

    All in all, a perfect washable mission pant!

    Note about care: We have thoroughly tested these pants and they are fully washable, however, to save time and work on P-day, hand wash or wash in a machine with a gentle cycle, then hang to dry. If you dry them in a dryer, you'll have a lot of ironing to do to get the creases to look right and it shortens the lifespan of the teflon fabric protectant. If possible, hang by the cuffs to dry and they will dry with very few wrinkles. Remember that the teflon coating keeps most of the stains, etc. off the pants so they shouldn't need to be washed that often. Also, remember that these pants do have polyester in them, so if they need to be ironed, use a lightweight dish towel or cloth between the iron and the pants so that the iron doesn't melt the polyester and make the pants shiny.
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