Due to Memorial Day, all orders placed on 5/29 will ship out on 5/30.


We are currently hiring to fill sales positions at all 3 locations- MissionaryMall in Orem, SisterMissionaryMall in Orem & our Outlet Store in Springville!


Recently Returned Missionary
Hardworking and Proactive
Able to communicate effectively
Excellent phone skills
Detail oriented
Able to adapt to frequent changes
Flexible schedule
Able to resume stressful situations while maintaining a positive, cheerful attitude!
Past retail experience is preferred

Position hours & pay are based on schedule and experience. Applicants must be able to work consistently from May 2017 through August 2017.

If interested, please feel free to email us a copy of your resume and cover letter.

SisterMissionaryMall in Orem, UT: melanie@missionarymall.org

MissionaryMall in Orem, UT: brendan@missionarymall.org

Outlet Store/Warehouse in Springville, UT: dawna@missionarymall.org